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6th October 2021 7:00 pm

October sees the return of the Rural Cinema – see below for film details. We have not stood still during the pandemic and if everything goes to plan, you will be sitting on new chairs, viewing the film via our new projector and listening to the sound from our new amplifier. The latter of these was bought for us by Swindon Caravans, for which we aare extremely grateful.

Wednesday 6th October 2021 – NOMADLAND (2020)

Starring Frances McDormand

BBFC: 12

Winner of 3 2021 OSCARS – Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Director

Left with nothing but a broken heart, widowed Fern, a former substitute teacher, finds herself forced out of her home in Empire, Nevada, when the local U.S. Gypsum plant closed the mine, and with it, the town, in 2011. Faced with a bleak economic future, Fern crams her scanty, memory-laden belongings into a beat-up, second-hand van and hits the road, travelling from town to town, state to state, in search of work opportunities. As dignified Fern adopts a nomadic, hand-to-mouth lifestyle, along the way, she meets other kindred spirits, silver-haired, fellow modern-day nomads, whose entire generation suffered a crippling blow after the 2008 financial collapse. But, when the world is collapsing around you, and memories are all we have left, is home just a word?

Tickets £4 available from the Shop, White Hart and Essence Hair and Beauty. They will be in these locations during late September.