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The Amours of Lilly Langtry

The Amours of Lilly Langtry

14th July 2018 7:00 pm

FREE EVENT - Two Edinburgh Fringe Previews

Saturday 14th July - The Amours of Lilly Langtry

Lillie Langtry was called “the most beautiful woman in the world” by Oscar Wilde, and this super celebrity, who bridged the Victorian and Edwardian eras, led life on her own terms.

Lillie’s life was full of scandal, riches, adoration and men...but there was one person who wasn’t a fan, and that was Lillie’s daughter Jeanne Marie. Jeanne despised her Mother’s lifestyle, and longed for respectability, and in her approaching marriage to Conservative MP, Ian Malcolm, son of a Laird, her wish was to be granted…or was it?

In 1902, on the eve of her wedding, Jeanne’s life is thrown into disarray, when she is told that her Father might not be Edward Langtry. Desperate to know the truth, and fearing the scandal might ruin her chances of happiness and her dream of being accepted into society’s arms, Jeanne Marie decides to confront her Mother, but will Lillie share her secrets and reveal the truth…?

'The Amours of Lillie Langtry’ is the latest comedy by Joan Greening, award winning playwright and writer of TV sitcoms ‘The Cabbage Patch’ and ‘Troubles and Strife’. It stars Sarah Archer, comedian, actor and writer, as Lillie, and Emma Hopkins, as her daughter Jeanne Marie.

The other preview is a show about Raymond Bishop. In this comedy show you will learn all there is to know about the upper-class, privately educated, elite academic twit that is Raymond. He will share with his audience stories of the good work that he does, details of his loving wife (who waxes her lip once a month) and his children (who partake in some "after school activities"). He will enlighten the crowd with his education, his Latin skills, and the correct way to host wine parties.”

It’s a one man show which lasts - about 40 mins. Whilst there is no formal category, the authors suggest that it would be graded as 15.

These previews in Ashton Keynes will be free, after which the shows are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe. The team will gladly accept any donations to help with expenses!

There will be a Bar from 7pm, with the performance commencing at 7.30pm