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Village Hall



A Management Committee made up primarily of elected Members from the community runs Ashton Keynes Village Hall. In addition to the Elected Members, we have a nominated person from the Village Hall Users Group and a representative from the Parish Council. The Management Committee look after both the day-to-day operation of the Hall as well as long term planning to ensure the existence of the venue for many years to come. The Village Hall is a Registered Charity (1059462) and so the Members of the Management Committee are Managing Trustees of the Charity. The building is owned by the Parish Council who are the Custodian Trustees.

A full list of Management Committee Members can be found within the download section of this website. In the same area you will find the Constitution of the Committee and lots of other documents relating to using the Hall.

In addition, the Management Committee actively sponsor and encourage a Village Hall Users Group. This is made up of Representatives from the regular users and serves as a forum to discuss issues that relate to using the Hall. There is a ‘direct link’ between the Users Group and the Management Committee as someone is nominated as the Users Group spokesperson on the Management team. Equally, the Users Group invites Members of the Management Committee to attend their meetings to handle any urgent problems and obtain feedback on future plans.

Any regular user group can (and should) attend Users Group meetings. They are not Trustees of the Charity and do not have to be formally registered, hence they can swap and change at will. For more information on the Users Group contact Dave Sheppard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Constitution of the Users Group can be found within the download section of the website.